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Assessment and Evaluation

Training is an integral part of any successful business operation.   How well this training is designed and performed influences the efficiency and cost of business operations.   For these reasons it is important to know the skill level of employees as well as the effectiveness and worth of training initiatives.  Our assessment and evaluation service provides the tools to answer these very important questions.

Assessment Services 

Advanced Training Solutions conducts in depth research and gathers sufficient information to write assessment materials based on industry guidelines, business imperatives and identified competency standards.  In addition, we are able to produce and conduct assessments to cater for situations that may be unique to your business operational needs.

A summary of the assessment services we provide include - 

  •     Plan and write assessment materials.

  •     Conduct on the job assessments.

  •     Skills testing.

  •     Knowledge and cognitive testing.

  •     Competency based assessments.

  •     Manage examinations.

  •     Examination marking and reporting.

Evaluation Services

Our training program specific evaluation service is designed to provide critical information to -

  •     Assist in the improvement of existing training programs.

  •     Help decision makers verify proposed training content prior to developing new training programs.

  •     Ensure training providers and key stakeholders are meeting all their accountabilities.

  •     Provide enlightenment into other identified aspect of training programs as required.

A summary of the evaluation activities we perform include -

  •     Identifying appropriate evaluation strategies and resources.

  •     Producing evaluation proposals and plans.

  •     Conducting evaluations.

  •     Collecting and analysing evaluation data.

  •     Writing evaluation reports.

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